Hobba - Ready for an adventure?

Are you ready for an adventure?

Hobba is a free game where you can discover a huge world of rooms, play events, chat and win prizes without paying anything!

There are 0 Hobba members, waiting for you online right now. Become a part of the world's largest online community for teenagers.


You can't do anything with the term Hobba?

Hobba is a virtual online community in vintage pixel art style where you can create your own avatar, find friends, chat, build rooms, play games and much more! Almost everything is possible in this strange place with lots of great people...

Meet new friends

Do you love chatting and hanging out with your friends? Hobba is a great place to start.

Exciting events

Prove your skills, participate in events and get numerous rewards.

Design hotel rooms

There are no limits to your creativity in Hobba Hotel. You are the boss of your own virtual room.

Hobba love

Date virtually, to flirt, to crush, to maybe meet that special someone...or that special something?

Become an expert

Bigger goals? Try to take a lot from the hotel experience and maybe become a part of the Hobba team.


What is currently happening at Hobba Hotel?


..is a special part of Hobba that you can join to get unique rarities, use exclusive features, as well as many other various benefits you get as a Premium member.

The premium membership at Hobba is almost a must, if you are really interested in making your Hobba life easier.

We offer two alternatives of the Premium Membership: the Special Membership with entry-level features or the King Membership, which allows you to use all relevant features for your Hobba.