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..is a special part of Hobba that you can join to get unique rarities, use exclusive features, as well as many other various benefits you get as a Premium member.

The premium membership at Hobba is almost a must, if you are really interested in making your Hobba life easier.

We offer two alternatives of the Premium Membership: the Special Membership with entry-level features or the King Membership, which allows you to use all relevant features for your Hobba.

Exclusive furniture
Hobba Premium gives you further access to special categories with unique furniture.
Special commands
Simplify building, running, writing and generally playing.
No limitations
No limitations are set for you (item inventory, entering rooms, etc.)
A premium membership takes your Hobba to a new level
See all the benefits you get
Special Premium
Monthly - without notice period

  • Special Member Badge
  • Shop with exclusive furniture
  • Notification to all users when you enter the hotel
  • Daily 5 respects & 5 pet scratches
  • More hourly rewards and Streaklevel based daily rewards
  • Sending a Premium Alert to all users by using :pa (message) every 2 hours
  • Add a prefix before your name by using :prefix (word)
  • Change your prefix color by using :prefixcolor (color)
  • Invite all your friends by using :invite (message) through the messenger
  • Push or pull to/or from higher distance by using :spull/spush (username)
  • Choose a random user in the room using :roomrandomuser
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King Premium
Monthly - without notice period

  • Contains all special benefits
  • King Member Badge
  • Shop with exclusive furniture
  • Daily 10 respects & 10 pet scratches
  • More hourly rewards and Streaklevel based daily rewards
  • Enter every room when its full
  • No chat flood limit
  • Only 10 minutes cooldown on robuser commands
  • Sending a Premium Alert to all users by using :pa (message) every 1 hour
  • Change your username by using :changename and clicking on yourself
  • Change your namecolor by using :namecolor (color)
  • Enable/disable your chatbubble (other users cant see when you start typing) by using :chatbubble
  • Give an effect to the whole room when you got rights in it by using :roomeffect (ID)
  • Walking faster then nobody else at Hobba using :fastwalk to enable/disable it.
  • Make everyone in the room you have rights dance :danceall (1-4)
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